I’m Matthew Kimberley.

I’m the Chief Owner Wrangler over at Delightful Business dot com.

Glamour Magazine called me a “tough love business guru”. I don’t care for that word, but I’ll take it.

Most importantly for you, I write the third-best emails on the whole internet. If you’re self-employed, or run your own small business, you need them.

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Taki Moore

Million Dollar Coach

“The reason I invest in Matthew Kimberley? Simple. He makes me smarter, and he makes me look smarter. And I like to think I’m pretty smart already.”

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid and Heroic Public Speaking

“Matthew has been my secret weapon for years. Every dollar invested in him has come back multiple times.”

Todd Herman

Global Leader in High Performance

“Behind the scenes, Matthew is my trusted consigliere and always the first person I want in my foxhole.”

Laura Belgray

Talking Shrimp

Matthew has been one of the luckiest things to happen to my career. Not only is he a great connector and stellar friend; his business advice is money in the bank. The moral is, stalk Matthew – or just pay him.