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5 Reasons Why I Hate Myself

Despite the stuff I’ve gotten done this year, I’ve spent a fair amount of time hating myself. I’ve been hating myself because I’ve been personally responsible for five major misses.

Here are the 5 BIG things I’ve started and not finished this year (and that’s not counting the many, many more small things.)

  1. Transfer the membership module of the School for Selling to a new platform – UNFINISHED
  2. My next book: “How To ***** * ****** …” – UNFINISHED
  3. My next product: “************ Persuasion” – UNFINISHED
  4. Setting up a new automatic evergreen sales funnel – UNFINISHED
  5. Crafting my killer webinar … – UNFINISHED

And four of those five things will have a direct impact on my revenue and audience.

SO NOT doing them has LOST ME MONEY and made me hate myself this year in varying degrees.

I’ve been a complete idiot …

… or so I thought.

The thing is, like you – if you’ve ever felt the same this year – I might have just been human.

You see, I’ve just found out exactly what I was doing wrong. And I’m not feeling so stupid any more.

Watch this video – and at the 8 minute mark – find out EXACTLY why I haven’t finished those things that I started, and why you haven’t finished what you started.

It’s like Todd has been watching over my shoulder.

And it will be like he’s been watching over your shoulder as well if you’ve suffered from “not-finishing-what-you-started-itis”.

Todd Herman’s 3rd Video from the 90-Day Year launch has been released, and you’ll want to watch it right now.

(If you haven’t seen the first video, then I recommend that you start with that, for completion if nothing else.)

In addition to giving you the science behind your trail of unfinished projects, you’ll also learn:

How negativity can play a very positive role in how you take action towards achieving your goals. (A concept I also explore in the first module of the School for Selling).

How to wire your mind to love challenges, embrace obstacles, celebrate small wins, enjoy the effort and become a positive coach to you and your team.

And this gem:

“The majority of success teachers teach people to think big … but they’re saying it because they have a big stack of chips sitting in front of them. [Based on my research] the reason they’re achieving so much is because they’re used to thinking small and stacking little wins onto their stack.”

I probably don’t need to say this by now, but I’m excited for the launch of the 90-Day Year.

I’m also thrilled that Todd’s packaged his learning up like this. I’ve watched him from up-close for over a year now (we’re in the same mastermind group) and he’s doing a favor to the world by productizing what he knows.

I, for one, WILL be enrolling in the 90-Day Year when the doors open tomorrow and you should join me.

Watch this video (and all of the videos) to find out exactly why

– MK

PS – missed the previous videos? Here are the links:

  1. Video 1
  2. Video 2
  3. Video 3


*** These are all affiliate links. That means I get paid if you enroll in the 90-Day Year on my recommendation, which I totally think you should.

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