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Condoms, Minibars and Last Chances

Condoms and minibars

When I checked into my hotel room in LA a couple of weeks ago – jetlagged and discombobulated – I should have alerted the reception desk as soon as I noticed that the condoms in the minibar had been used. 

There was an empty box where a full box should have been. 

Had I immediately got them on the phone and said “I’ve just checked in, and I want to let you know that there’s an empty condom box in the minibar” I would have avoided the embarrassing predicament the next day of having to explain that I wasn’t trying to avoid paying for condoms I had used myself. 

In an entirely cack-handed effort to preempt the accusation that I was trying to get something for nothing, as I approached the reception desk I made the dubious choice to lead with: 

“So, I had a wonderful night, only I didn’t get laid.” 

At which point the receptionist – male, probably gay – stuttered awkwardly. 

“It’s just that your cleaning staff will find an empty box of condoms in the bin. And I didn’t use them. I didn’t have sex last night.” I added, for unnecessary emphasis. 

“Well, sir,” he replied. “I, er, you, we … just … what exactly can I do to help?” 

“Oh,” I said. “I just don’t want to pay for them. Seeing as I didn’t get to use them. Nope! No sex for me last night!” 


“I’ll make sure you’re not billed for them,” he said, uncertainly. 

When I bumped into him again the next day he apologized to me. “I’m sorry, sir. I thought you were hitting on me.” 


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