Finally! Matthew Kimberley is doing an open email marketing class …


And you’re invited!


If you write marketing and sales emails and you want to write them better, with less friction, more fun and measurably better results (clicks, attention, open rates, SALES) then Delightful Emails 101 will save your sanity and equip you with a skill that will put dollars in the bank for the rest of your professional life.

Handsome Email Marketing TeacherI’m Matthew Kimberley, author of How To Get A Grip, founder of the School for Selling, creator of the Professional Persuasion Protocol and genius* behind the Single Malt Mastermind (more on that in a minute).

In 2016, I ran a one-off, 90 minute masterclass on crafting truly delightful emails, the kind of emails that STAND OUT in your inbox, the kind of emails that your correspondents ACTIVELY look forward to receiving, the kind of emails that get people to spontaneously write things like this:

I’ve made the training available to private clients since then and I’ve delivered extended versions of it in workshops, both for my own clients and at the invitation of some of my friends.

  • Todd Herman’s Basecamp clients got a private in-person email seminar from me in New York in January 2018.
  • Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint clients got a private in-person email seminar from me in Sydney in November 2017.
  • Taki Moore’s BlackBelt clients got got a private in-person email seminar from me in Los Angeles in July 2016.

Those three programs all require a serious investment consideration … which got me thinking …

I’ve been JONESING to do something DEEP and USEFUL and AFFORDABLE around email that’s open to everybody …

A program that makes writing emails FUN and EASY for you …

A program that develops and grows YOUR VOICE so that it’s actually, you know, interesting and attractive and irrestistible …

A program that makes the act of typing out an email FINANCIALLY REWARDING …

Because emails are sales-blood of your business, and sales are the life-blood.

If getting people on to your list is MARKETING (which it totally is), then emailing your list is SELLING (totally, directly or indirectly).

PLUS, being able to write great emails means you’ll always have something to sell.

Since late 2016, I’ve generated over $102,000 in revenue from the Single Malt Mastermind.

I’m not breaking any trade-secrets when I say that the Single Malt Mastermind is a 54-part email autoresponder sequence, dripped out over one year.

Since I launched it, tons of people have written me to “ask permission” to do the same for their market.

“Knock yourself out!” I tell them.

But they NEVER follow through.

Because sitting down to write one email is daunting, let alone writing 50 emails.

So let’s eliminate that dauntedness (is that a word?)

When you finish this course you’ll be able to bang out multiple emails a day and NEVER get overwhelmed at the sight of a blank page. 

There’s a whole new revenue-stream about to open up for you …

(Side-note: One of my clients, daunted by the task, asked me to write a THREE YEAR weekly autoresponder sequence for them and paid HANDSOMELY for it. There’s money in this gig when you know how to do it right.)

 It doesn’t matter whether you teach sales or you sell tails. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant, a glass-blower, a life-coach or a software developer, Delightful Emails 101 will upgrade YOUR experience and YOUR READERS’ experience from “meh” to “HELL YEAH!” 


Plus! Finally Revealed! The Secret To An Effortless Six-Pack, 4% Body Fat, Enough Stamina For Sex 8 Times A Day, Perpetual Motion And Immortality!

Just kidding.

But it does bring up a critical point.

So many smart, creative and funny individuals turn into psychopaths when it comes to writing marketing and sales emails.

They put on their “basic copywriting bitch” face and proactively insult the intelligence of their readers.

They write like fourth-graders because they heard that “readability” is paramount.

They scream scarcity and urgency until they’re red in the face and get downright dishonest with their incentives and explanations (“server down!”, “deadline extended!”, “you can’t afford to NOT do it!”)

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can write AUTHENTIC and EFFECTIVE sales and marketing emails that DELIGHT your readers, make them smile, and make them buy your stuff.

Let me show you how.


A masterclass in writing emails that make people smile and buy

July 17, 19, 24, 26, 31 and August 2nd, 2018 at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific, 5pm London).

Email Marketing Calendar

All classes recorded and available in perpetuity. Show up live if you want to ask questions and get your copy reviewed, or ask questions and get copy reviewed in our secret lair.*

Module 1: The Delightful Email

A Primer: The Philosophical Underpinning To The Delightful Email – The Essential Components of Every Delightful Email – Reducing Friction To Get Words On The Page – Writing Technology

Module 2: Voice (A) – Individualism

Being Unlike Everybody Else: Unburying Your Voice – Testing Your Limits – Adventures In Appropriateness – Thematic Content Creation – Brand Personality – Motifs and Motives

Module 3: Voice (B) – Stylistics

Finding The Right Words: Style Guide Discovery – Style Guide Development

Module 4: Email Idea Generation

Finding the Right Words (2): The Prompting Process – Subject Matter Prompts – Creative Prompts – The Alphabet Method – The Library Method – The Fractal Method

Module 5: How To Write An Email (A)

Painting Emails By Numbers: Reverse Email Engineering – Subject Lines – Segues – Flesh, Greetings and Points – Calls To Action – Re-Use and Repetition

Module 6: How To Write An Email (B)

The Writing Process: Speed Writing – Rewriting for Comprehension – Rewriting for Delight – Hitting Send

By the end of this 3-week intensive course you will have achieved lifetime mastery of delightful email creation, which will serve to line your pockets and stroke your ego for the rest of your professional life. You will NEVER again be stuck for “what to write” or “how to write” and you will have a deeper bond with – and stronger attraction from – your target market, who will respond like never before to your emails.

 IMPORTANT – you will NOT learn to “write like me”. You will learn to write like YOU. 

What’s Included:

Live access to the Delightful Email 101 program.

Lifetime access to the recordings of the classes.

Access to the Delightful Emails Secret Lair, where you can get my feedback on your copy until 31st August, 2018.

PLUS! BONUS FOR IMMEDIATE START: Immediate and complimentary enrollment in the Single Malt Mastermind for one year! (details here)

You’ll get an email immediately welcoming you to the program and then another email EVERY FRIDAY for a year. You’ve never seen accountability like it!


Reserve your seat for $997 (payment plans available on next page)


100% Money-Back Guarantee (details on order form)

*I know it’s true because my mother told me it’s true.

** Facebook group, right?