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The Desperately Unattractive Salesperson

Desperation is desperately unattractive.

Desperation leaves multiple voicemail messages, just “happens to be in the neighborhood” with unnatural frequency and writes four page emails when a text message will do.

Desperation hangs around longer than invited and doesn’t pick up on the cues to leave.

Desperation ignores innate communication rhythms and practices selective hearing … dismissing overt and suggested prompts to change the subject and single-mindedly pursuing an objective that the other party gave up on ages ago.

Desperation asks “how do I CONVINCE this prospect that I’m good for them RIGHT NOW” and, consequently, loses the prospect altogether (who’s straight-up pissed off by now).

Desperation is tone-deaf and unattractive.

Desperation also only exists in a vacuum of opportunity. When other viable options are available, all neediness dissipates.

Which means a well-stocked and overstuffed sales pipeline goes a LONG way to mitigating against desperation when you’re selling.

When you KNOW that tomorrow there’s another opportunity to make another offer to another prospect, then it’s difficult to invest all your emotional energy in clinging on to those who don’t want you right now.

And if somebody says “let’s circle back on this in six months”, be EXCITED that you’ve got an OPPORTUNITY to revisit them later in the year.

But if you don’t have a stuffed pipeline today, what’s the solution?

Should you be doing more marketing?

Well, not necessarily.

Too many of us are doing far too much marketing and too little prospecting.

And if marketers find eyeballs, it’s the prospectors who find gold.

The best way to prospect? Delightful Emails.


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