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Dorie Clark interview: Recognized Expert

I recently interviewed Dorie Clark for the members of my Professional Persuasion program about credibility building, expertise-enhancing and being taken more seriously.

The interview was too good not to share. Enjoy:

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Areas covered in this Dorie Clark interview:

How important is television punditry to credibility?

What people are interested in if you want to get on TV – and be invited back a second time.

When should you be a multi-faceted personality who talks about lots of different stuff? Or should you niche down as tight as you can get?

How to get introduced when you’re making public appearances?

The most important thing that you want to negotiate when you’re going on TV?

How to prove that what you have to say is worth listening to?

Should you ever “pay to play” on television?

How to you get your first TV gig?

What if you’re an expert but you want to be a RECOGNIZED expert?

Should you hire a publicist?

How do TV shows book interviews?

Where do TV producers look to book interviews?

How do you get to write op-eds for broadsheet newspapers?

How to “fall up the ladder” to get recognized by incrementally bigger organizations.

Where to “insert yourself” so that you’re the go-to resource for people looking for expertise.

Is it important to be on the first few places of any Google search?

The three components of gaining immediate credibility.

Is it easier than ever to write for the Huffington Post? Is that a problem?

The role that credibility and recognized expertise plays in easing the sales process.

Does academic lecturing serve a commercial purpose? Or is there another purpose that might be more valuable?

[and much more in this interview with Dorie Clark …]

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