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Email Copywriting: Good News For Lazy People And Psychopaths

Email Copywriting Is One Of The Most Valuable, Sale-able Skills You Must Develop As A Small Business Owner

Picture the scene: New York in January 2018, the middle of a Siberian ice-storm.

A tall and mildly-dashing Englishman in inappropriate footwear touches down at JFK just moments before the airport is shut down for the weather to pass.

It’s late. Everybody wants a taxi. Taxi drivers don’t want to work.

It’s dangerous out there.

Cars are lining up four-deep at arrivals and the cacophony of horns is only marginally less distracting than the fact that YOU. CAN’T. FEEL. YOUR. FACE.

The dashing Englishman in shoes that should never have left the Mediterranean eventually arrives at his Manhattan destination, beat, snotty, frozen and exhausted. But still handsome.

A restorative whisky would be an obvious choice, but the hotel bar is closed and he’s fucked if he’s going outside again.

After a fitful, sleepless and jetlaggy night, morning comes. The temperature has risen by about a degree. Our hero shakes off his self-pity, straps on his suspenders and inhales a green smoothie for breakfast.

(Or maybe a bowl of Lucky Charms, but he’ll deny it if anybody asks.)

Your tall and very dashing Englishman’s destination that day?

An undisclosed location in Chelsea, where a few dozen high-achieving entrepreneurial types had braved the ice and the snow to learn how to craft truly delightful emails.


Fast-forward five months, and by popular demand, for the first time ever, and with not a little bit of coercion from the acolytes of compelling copy who have been begging our desperately dashing Englishman to do a proper, open-doors course on email copywriting, a new program rears its delightful head:

Click here to read about Delightful Emails 101

Which is good news for psychopaths (in this case, the regular folk that turn into socially-weird carnival barkers when they write marketing emails, shouting in all-caps and using words like “MUST!” and “URGENT!” and “EXCLUSIVELY!”, devoid of all empathy).

More details on that philosophy here.


I (for the dashing protagonist is me) was in New York at the invitation of Todd Herman.

There are very few people for whom I’d fly to New York in the middle of a Siberian ice-storm, but Todd Herman is one of them (along with Kerry Washington and Linda Cardellini and the girl who served gelato on the corner of Piazza San Marco in the long spring of 2002.)

If you don’t know Todd it’s because you haven’t been paying attention.

For the last three years I’ve been actively encouraging everybody in my world to take the his 90 Day Year program.

Every time it’s been available, I’ve been a participant in, an ambassador for, and a contributor to the program.

I think there is NO better methodology for getting more done in less time, and it is, therefore, the ultimate solution for lazy (read: efficient) people.
I’ve spoken at four of his events. If you like my stuff, you’ll like his stuff.

An excellent and timely place to get started is here.

Should you decide to take part in the 90 Day Year program between 11th and 15th June, and you join through my referral link, you’ll get Delightful Emails for free.

And in the meantime, if you need anything, I’ll be firmly ensconced in the Maltese summer time.

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