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How To Fund Your Criminal Empire (I’m Being Robbed)

Some shit-eater is stealing my intellectual property


So this coprophagic ingrate is stealing from me. My School for Selling is currently available to buy – online at a shady-as-all-hell site – for only $97.

Now, I’m obviously not going to give you a link, but if you look hard enough you’ll find it.

You’ll give your $97 to some dude that is probably based in Vietnam – as far as I can make out – who will in return send you a folder filled with … what? The videos, probably. Maybe the workbooks. Dunno. Certainly not the updates or the overall experience.

I got in touch with him, using the contact page, and we chatted on Skype.

“Hi”, I said, “I’m interested in buying the School for Selling by Matthew Kimberley.”

(I made no effort to pretend to be anybody else).

He said, “sure. Just send $97 to my PayPal address and I’ll send you a folder with the course.”

So I contacted PayPal, and said that this guy was using his PayPal account to fund his criminal empire, with proof. They said:

Unfortunately, we cannot take direct actions in order to prevent this person from doing it, as we have no power to do so. Therefore, I would advise you to contact local authorities, (police or and patent office) in order to take necessary steps.

Nevertheless, we will monitor and review this PayPal account and will be happy to support police actions if requested.

So here I am, wondering which “local authorities” will give a shit. I’m also wondering whether the Vietnamese hosting company will give a shit, and I presume not, or they would have replied to me.

And so … in the words of the Dalai Lama … it is what it is, bro.

A more assertive, more aggressive, more resource-laden me would file international intellectual property cases, but hey … there’s whisky to drink and ponderings to pursue.

Speaking of which, if you want to listen to the sound of my voice all weekend, here are three interviews that went live this week:

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Love you. Have a great weekend.


PS – if you’re not watching Todd Herman’s new video series on productivity and goal-setting then you’re really missing out.

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