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I don’t blame you. You’ve got a ton of shit filling up your inbox on a daily basis. Newsletters you never know you signed up for, spam to help you catch the perfect guy or improve your sexual performance, and Facebook pokes from ex-lovers you’ve been trying to avoid since they stole your credit card and told your friends you had herpes.


  • You are a small business owner or a sales manager or a business development bod.
  • You work in a service industry.
  • You speak English.


  • You will get more client enquiries.
  • You will earn more money.
  • You will sleep better at night.

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You get a short, informative and easy-to-read guide to the five things that you need to do each morning to get more clients. It’s snappy and simple. There’s no extended navel-gazing or obfuscation or impressing you with long words. The five things are straightforward, and you’re almost certainly not doing them today.

If you do them, however, you will start to see results VERY quickly. I don’t need to add a disclaimer here. If you want more client enquiries, follow the steps in the guide. If your service offering is no good, you might not be converting these enquiries into clients, but I’m guessing that your services are not just good, but awesome.

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