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In Pursuit of Mindlessness

Why Dumb People Make Better Business Owners

I’m surrounded by smart people.

(My favorite smart person is my four-year old. He calls nipples “booby buttons”.)

Some of these smart people are GREAT at marketing.

Others suck.

The suckiest are those with the highest levels of empathy, social awareness and emotional intelligence.

They’re prone to self-doubt (because they’re always willing to second-guess themselves to accommodate others) and don’t like making pronouncements, announcements or self-aggrandizing statements.

They don’t like talking about themselves.

Even talking about their clients’ success is a breach of the unspoken code about whose trumpet it’s ok to blow.

(You can blow my trumpet anytime, darling.)

Therefore, as one-person business owners, they’re at a distinct disadvantage from a marketing (read “self-promotion”) standpoint, particularly if they’re relying on the free-to-very-cheap media of Facebook updates and the like.

I’m one of those people.

Perhaps you are, too.

Perhaps you’d rather not “bore” your Facebook followers with business updates in case it’s irrelevant to your high-school or hometown friends.

Perhaps it goes deeper …

Perhaps you’re convinced that there’s nothing original that you can add to the conversation, that other people have said it before, or better, and that although you certainly know your stuff, you’ve always considered yourself more of a student than a teacher.

So you keep your mouth shut.

And you suffer from fewer leads and lessened name recognition and diminished authority.

(If you’re looking for the solution to this, you’re smart enough to see that it’s staring you in the face.)

Dumb Business Owners Move Faster

But marketing isn’t the only part of your business that suffers when you’re too smart.

You take longer over everything, too.

Here’s the deal: whatever it is that you’re trying to do, somebody else has done it before.


So follow their instructions.

These instructions are available to you, for free, all over the place.

If you’re working with a coach, these instructions are even tailored to your exact and specific situation.

Whether you follow those instructions will, to a very large degree, determine your results.

Mindlessly following instructions can – in many cases – be all you need to do. You don’t need to stop and think.

But smart people don’t naturally do that.

They do stop and think. Sometimes for weeks.

They second guess.

They run clear instructions through cerebral mesh filters that introduce doubt and what-if scenarios that leave those instructions murky and muddy and difficult to follow.

They say “my clients are different” or “this won’t work in my situation.

And they lose time and effectiveness, speed and market-share.

Which is a great pity.

I lost years of my life being smart. Thinking too much. Doing too little.

Now I try to pursue active mindlessness.

It’s working.

You should try it.


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