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040: Kelsey Murphy — Work and Whiskey

Kelsey Murphy, host of the Whiskey and Work podcast (the title of which led to this podcast changing its name) joins Matthew to talk business and bourbon. Connect with Kelsey…Listen Now
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039: Claire Pelletreau — Money, Marriage and Marketing

Ad strategist and host of the Get Paid Podcast, Claire Pelletreau shares how money works for her, how she makes her marriage work and her plans for retirement. Connect with…Listen Now
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038: Dov Gordon — Manhattan, The Med & The Magic of Alchemy

Dov Gordon is a brilliant business strategist and creator of Alchemy Networks. He's easily able to synthesize and simplify ideas and using any number of frameworks he's developed from years…Listen Now
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037: Jeff Goins — Capitalism, Creativity and Taylor Swift

Jeff Goins, author of five books including Real Artists Don’t Starve riffs on Facebook, politics, writing, fame and the meaning of life. Connect with Jeff on his website. Mentioned in…Listen Now
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036: John Jantsch — Meditation, Procrastination and Self-Knowledge

John's new book The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur is now available to buy. Connect with John on his website and on Twitter. Mentioned in this episode: John's books Walden by Thoreau Ralph…Listen Now
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035: Justin Blackman — Copy, Craft Beer and Canines

Justin Blackman is the Owner of Pretty Fly Copywriting. In this episode he tears apart some of Matthew's copy and uncovers some fascinating insights. Connect with Justin over on his…Listen Now
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034: Tarzan Kay — Names, Voices and Interior Design

Tarzan Kay is a launch strategist, copywriter, and educator. She walks with her clients through their big and often stressful launches, offering everything from digital courses, masterminds, and live events.…Listen Now
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033: Yaro Starak — Cash, Community and Content Marketing

Yaro Starak is an old hand at this gig, Ive been following him for about a decade, and I'm currently totally stoked about his new project: InboxDone. Yaro also has…Listen Now
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032: Dominic Colenso — Acting, Impact And Alcohol

Dominic Colenso was a professional actor and acting tutor, but now he has made a career shift asa professional speaker, communications expert, and performance coach. He is the Founder of…Listen Now
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031: Michelle Leotta (Pfennighaus) — Health, Hair and Happiness

Michelle Leotta (Pfennighaus) has been helping women find their balance for over ten years until it finally hit her that this might all be false. Throughout her career, no woman…Listen Now
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030: Osmaan Sharif — Identity, Personality and Painkillers

Osmaan Sharif is a Mindset & Performance Coach for small businesses and entrepreneurs. He first started out as an HR Manager, but through discovering Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) he knew he could…Listen Now
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029: Tonia Adleta — Priests, Perverts and the Patriarchy

Tonia Adleta is a serial entrepreneur and the host of the Recovering Church Girls podcast, where she takes an honest look at spirituality, connection to community, and more. Tonia moved…Listen Now
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