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075: Liz Scully – Masterminds, Movies and Making Things

Mastermind evil genius and former movie-maker Liz Scully talks about stories, people management and group curation in this whirlwind interview with Matthew Kimberley.

Emmy award-winning Liz Scully is a strategist that believes business should be ridiculously fun as well as highly effective. In this episode with Matthew Kimberley, she jumps from Ireland to Pakistan to LA to India and shares her insights into what makes a brilliant mastermind group: her area of unparalleled expertise.

She runs Mastermind groups for herself and other well-known coaches. She trains coaches to run effective Masterminds. Bringing skills from film, she helps brilliant minds achieve more together than they would alone.

She’s Irish, nomadic and as confused as everyone else why she has an English accent.

Find out more at and connect with Liz on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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