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055: Susie Moore – Confidence, Compassion & Cojones

Susie Moore, author of Stop Checking Your Likes, spills on confidence and courage in this interview with Matthew Kimberley Susie Moore is a British life coach and author living in…Listen Now
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054: Jen Kem – Shoes, Crystals and Capitalism

Brand strategist and all-round rock-star Jen Kem talks about unshakeable self-confidence, stone-hard capitalism and her footwear fetish Jen Kem is a branding and marketing expert who gets entrepreneurs seen, heard,…Listen Now
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053: Becca Tracey – Uncaged, Unleashed & Uncompromising

Rebecca Tracey is the head honcho at The Uncaged Life where she works with online business owners to get clear on their brand message, create packages that sell, and helps…Listen Now
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052: Laura Belgray – Mid-Life & Making Millions

Hot shot wordsmith Laura Belgray comes back on How To Get A Grip to share the exact steps she took to hit one million dollars for the first time in…Listen Now
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051: Selena Soo – Food, Fraud and Foreignness

Selena Soo, founder of Impacting Millions, PR and publicity expert extraordinaire, talks about her journey from Hong Kong to Puerto Rico, tackling your fraud factor and getting great PR, even…Listen Now
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050: Nicholas Kusmich – Tripping, Testosterone and Transformation

Nick Kusmich, author of Give, founder of the Marketers Council and host of The Art of Lead Generation Implementation Intensive shows us behind the scenes at how he’s completely changed…Listen Now
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049: Grant Baldwin – Stages, Secrets and Steakhouses

Grant Baldwin is a seasoned professional speaker, founder of The Speaker Lab and author of the new book The Successful Speaker To celebrate the launch of his book, Grant’s offering…Listen Now
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048: Emily Fletcher – From Vodka To Veda

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the leading expert in meditation for extraordinary performance. Her book Stress Less, Accomplish More debuted at #7 out of all books…Listen Now
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047: Ash Ambirge – Trailer Parks, Tenacity & Middle Fingers

Ash Ambirge is back on How To Get A Grip to talk about her new book - The Middle Finger Project - as well as etymology, lobbying book-store managers with piñatas that…Listen Now
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046: Dan Kuschell — Decisions, Detachment and Drug Abuse

Dan Kuschell is an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, husband and dad (and not in that order).  He's the founder and CEO of Breakthrough3X. With almost 30 years of business experience,…Listen Now
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045: Get A F*cking Grip – Major Announcement for End of Season One

A special bonus episode to mark the end of Season 1 of How To Get A Grip. Listen to the first five minutes of Matthew’s new book, Get A F*cking…Listen Now
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044: Charreah Jackson — Storytelling, Sexiness and Steve Harvey

Charreah K. Jackson serves as an international communications strategist and founder of P.S. Powerhouse. She is the bestselling author of Boss Bride: The Powerful Woman's Playbook for Love & Success…Listen Now
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