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001: Welcome To The How To Get A Grip Podcast

Welcome to the How To Get A Grip Podcast.

About a decade ago, I found myself the owner of a technology recruitment company in Brussels, Belgium.

I soon found myself spiraling into what was clearly – in retrospect – a bout of depression.

I self-medicated by writing a book, giving myself the kind of advice that I really needed at the time.

You can get a copy of that book here.

Over the last ten years I’ve found that I now know less than I knew before, and that my grip – and my sanity – are frequently in question.

Particularly balancing all the regular stuff with self-employment and growing businesses.

So I regularly seek counsel from my friends and other entrepreneurs, and I ask them the question: what keeps you sane?

I enjoyed and benefited from those conversations so much that I thought it was selfish to share.

And so theĀ How To Get A Grip podcast was born.

You can catch a list of all the episodes here.

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Let me know if you find it useful.

And get a grip.

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