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Transgender Dogs and the Coaching Industry

Transgender Dog

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Belle – our mongrel rescue dog – is in heat for the first time.

I found out when I caught her humping the three year old with reckless abandon.

I was surprised: I didn’t know girl dogs did that.

So I asked a friend, “do female dogs hump?”

“Not that I know,” he replied. “Perhaps your dog thinks she’s a boy?”

Which got me thinking about transgender dogs and googling the kind of thing that I wouldn’t want to appear in my search history.

My research (done so you don’t have to do the same) reveals that humping by female dogs is not uncommon.

One website said it’s “rude” … but I think that’s unfair anthropomorphism.

If you’ve got an itch, after all, and you’re a dog, and you don’t know better, and you’re not bound by any social conventions … go ahead and hump that toddler.

(That was going to be the subject line of this email, but unlike my dog, I *am* bound by social conventions.)

Which doesn’t bring us to two things:


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With big dog love and a little shake of the tail,


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