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Get a F*cking Grip

The book formerly known as How To Get A Grip, released in 2012, has been re-issued with a newer, swearier title, under the name of Get A F*cking Grip.

Get your copy at Amazon or everywhere they sell sweary books. (I’m particularly fond of the audio version. I read it myself.)


The Single Malt Mastermind is an email-based accountability and coaching program for small business owners and the self-employed.

Every week, for a year, you receive a thought-provoking email that asks three simple questions: what did you do last week? What are you going to do next week? And what else do you need help with?

You respond to that and – every week, come rain or shine – I will personally read your emails and answer your questions.

Email marketing

If you need help with your email marketing, then you’re slap-bang in my zone of genius.

Hundreds of people are raving about the wonder that is Delightful Emails. It’s the only course you’ll need for knowing when to write, what to write, and how to write without sounding like every. other. email. marketer. out. there.

Six video modules on creating, developing emails that astound, delight and sell better. Never get stuck on what to write or how to write or when to write. It’s all laid out in this online self-paced masterclass.

Sales and Selling

Or perhaps you need to get to grips with sales and selling. The lifeblood of your business and the most under-appreciated weapon in the arsenal of the self-employed.

My flagship program The School for Selling is the complete toolkit for anybody who has to sell: from the beginner to the the dyed-in-the-wool old sales hand. A selection of video materials on building confidence in selling, selling to corporates, selling on the telephone, referral marketing and much more.

Plus, it comes with an entire Book Yourself Solid masterclass as a bonus.

Business Coach Certification and Training

Probably the most cost-effective way to work with me up close and personal over a long period of time, but only if you’re a business coach (or want to be a business coach).

As one of the managing partners at Book Yourself Solid Worldwide, I spend a good portion of my working week training and advising the family of Book Yourself Solid Certified Coaches in the Book Yourself Solid Advisory Board.

You can find out more about that opportunity over at Book Yourself Solid.

Some people, of course, want and need more.

That’s where the private consulting comes in …

Private coaching with me is the logical next step up from email accountability, only for people who don’t want to follow yet another course or complete yet another curriculum.

It’s for business owners who want an advisor for a longer-term engagement, who can give them personalized and timely input on their most relevant issues, which can change as frequently as the days of the week.

It’s not super-cheap, but it’s not so expensive that you should be afraid to get in touch.

One year of tailored access to me, in fact, will cost you less than many business coaches charge for 12-week group mastermind programs.

Instead, when you have my cell-phone number, you can pick my brains for an entire year, and I’ll do my share of picking your brains, to boot.

I don’t have a lot of capacity to deal with large numbers of private clients, but to find out if it’s appropriate for your situation, please send an email to support@matthewkimberley.com with “private consulting” in the subject line.

Give me as much detail as you can as why you think it’s worth exploring.

If I agree, and think I can help, we’ll spend some time on the phone together so that I can be sure I can help you before deciding if we’ll continue.

If you think it’s a good idea to explore, I’d LOVE to hear from you.